Automated and Custom Watermarking

ShowMojo's watermarking is both a security and a marketing feature.

It can be configured in one of two ways:

  1. Normal Risk: Photos included on third-party listing sites (but not within ShowMojo or on your site) are automatically watermarked, deterring malicious use of these photos.
  2. Elevated Risk: Photos are watermarked everywhere, including your Listings Gallery and schedule-a-showing pages. This is especially important when you believe a malicious actor is specifically targeting your listings and your website.

In either case, watermarking options can be added to your photos to direct prospects to contact you in the most efficient and immediate fashion -- such as a statement to Call to Text your ShowMojo PHONE number.

Whether you use ShowMojo's listing import-and-sync features, or enter listing data yourself, ShowMojo's watermarking activity is completely automated. You can even access a full download of each listing's watermarked photos from the Listings page.

Watermarking can be enabled and customized from the Listings Settings page.

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