Schedule and Conduct Real Time Virtual Tours

In addition to promoting pre-recorded Video Tours and 3D Tours on ShowMojo listing pages and in outbound messaging to prospects, ShowMojo can also be used to directly schedule and coordinate real time virtual tours.

For example, when:

  • A showing agent is at the home with a smartphone or tablet,
  • Conducting a real time walkthrough of the home,
  • With one or more prospects attending virtually via Zoom, Skype, or some other service.

ShowMojo pre-screens, schedules and confirms virtual tours exactly the same as in-person and self-showings. This includes messaging to specify (and remind) the prospect that the tour is virtual and they should not physically appear at the home.

To configure a listing to schedule and conduct virtual tours:

  1. Go to the Listings page and select the listing.
  2. In the Essentials section, update a rental or sales listing to schedule virtual tours.
  3. Scroll down to the Listing Options section.
  4. Update the Custom message on Showing Details setting to provide specific information (such as a virtual meeting link) that the prospect receives upon scheduling the showing.
  5. Update the Custom message after prospect confirms a showing setting to provide (or reinforce) specific information about the showing after the prospect confirms the showing.

That's it. ShowMojo does the rest.

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