ShowMojo Email and Spam and Junk Folders

ShowMojo takes many steps to land email in prospect inboxes (and not spam or junk folders). In fact, ShowMojo pays a small amount of money for every outbound email for this very purpose.

That doesn't mean every single email avoids a spam or junk flag. Given the variety of filters, techniques and criteria used by various services to guess at what is and is not spam, there's no sure-fire way to avoid the occasional junk designation on an email. 

It is worth remembering that most users with junk folders do remember to go looking there when they are expecting an email. But we also understand we cannot rely on this behavior.

Messages get missed, for both human and machine reasons. Therefore, most messaging from ShowMojo includes some form of duplication. That could be follow-up messaging, messaging by both email and text, or both.

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