Post-Showing Prospect Feedback Surveys

ShowMojo takes multiple steps to solicit post-showing feedback from prospects.

First, after a showing is completed, the schedule-a-showing page for that showing automatically becomes a feedback survey. If the prospect returns to that scheduling page, the feedback survey is the first thing they see.

Second, ShowMojo solicits feedback with its Automatic Post-Showing Follow Up emails and text messages.

Finally, on any lockbox showing, ShowMojo asks the prospect to give feedback after Confirming the Prospect Secured the Listing after the showing.

When a prospect gives feedback:

  • ShowMojo emails that feedback to the appropriate showing agent and the account owner.
  • ShowMojo includes an aggregate report of the feedback in your Listing Activity Reports.
  • All completed surveys can be viewed and downloaded from the Feedback report. (Note that when a prospect has a publicly available photo such as a Gravatar, that photo is included on this report.)

Please note, post-showing feedback surveys are only made available on rental listings.

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