Optimize Your Website for Online Scheduling

ShowMojo works best when it can immediately capture and schedule all your leasing inquiries. After you have Incorporated ShowMojo into Your Website‍ here's what else you can do to promote online scheduling and discourage prospects from calling or emailing:

  1. Remove all non-ShowMojo-focused listing links or data from your website. Basically, if it doesn't lead to a ShowMojo schedule-a-showing option, get rid of it.
  2. On the pages (or in the relevant areas) where your listings gallery is displayed, remove any other phone number that doesn't point to ShowMojo PHONE Number. That's your leasing number -- if prospects feel they really must call you.
  3. Also, on these listings pages, remove any leasing agent's names, contact information and contact forms.
  4. If you have other contact information or forms on your website (for owners, current residents, etc.) be sure to also have clear links for prospective renters that take them to your scheduling-enabled listings pages.

The point here is to drive your prospects into ShowMojo's self-screening and self-scheduling experience, and to keep them from being distracted by anything else.

And -- as noted in our final point above -- this doesn't mean you don't have other contact information on your website (like a maintenance number or a call-to-action for new owners) but be sure that this information is context-specific and located away from your listings. Otherwise you'll have prospective renters clogging up communication channels intended for other uses. 

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