Schedule-a-Showing Pop-Over

This is a schedule-a-showing pop-over that leverages ShowMojo's existing scheduling functionality. Implement this feature on your website and prospects can schedule a showing without ever leaving your site. 

This scheduling pop-over attributes all the web traffic to your site because prospects never leave the site. And it works on web and mobile practically everywhere.

To see a functioning example, just browse to the ShowMojo Sales Page and click on Schedule a Demo — Under 400 Doors.

Simple Static Implementation

This is to be used when the target link is immediately available on page load.

To choose the listing to be used in this pop-over, simply take any existing ShowMojo listing URL and insert "/ep" after the ".com"

So, becomes

And here is the iframe code, using this example: 

<script src=""></script>
<a href="" id="sm_schedule_link">Schedule a showing</a>

Advanced Dynamic Implementation

This is the approach to use if your site loads listings links dynamically (so the target link will not be available when the page is first loaded).

At the very beginning of the code, add this reference:

<script src=""></script>

After some event (user click, etc) add a link like this dynamically:

<a href="" id="sm_schedule_link">Schedule a showing</a>

Then run the javascript code using one of these two options:

OPTION A: To initialize popup for the given link:


OPTION B: To call popup directly:, url)

In the above options, elementId is an HTML element id. We used sm_schedule_link in our example above.

Using Third-Party Listing IDs

This feature also works with some third party listing IDs. The following third party systems (and ids) are supported:


Rent Manager:




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