Account Owner Receives too Many Emails (or Not Enough) on a Multi-User Account

By default, ShowMojo copies the Account Owner on most any email it sends to team members. We know this is important to some customers and we know it is actively disliked by others. 

Good news. You can shut much of it off. Just follow these steps.

To stop receiving Forwarded Inquiries from Listing Sites:

  1. Go to the Listing Sites Settings page, find the External Lead Forwarding section, and click Edit.
  2. At the bottom of that section, update the "Each time it receives an inquiry" setting to limit these emails to the appropriate type.

To stop receiving other emails:

  1. Go to the Team Settings page, find the Other Settings section and click Edit.
  2. In this section, find the setting that starts with "The account owner (account owner email address) will be copied on" and update it to no notifications to showing agents.
  3. Then, find the setting that starts with "New leads that have yet to schedule a showing" and set it to something other than emailed to the account owner and left unassigned. If you need additional assistance on this setting, see the article: Lead and Showing Assignment to Agents on a Multi-User Account.

If you are looking for more email updates, simply follow the above steps and select a more "chatty" option for you.

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