Listing Data Imported from Rent Manager 12

For accounts using ShowMojo's Rent Manager 12 import functionality, here is a full mapping of how ShowMojo pulls listing data from Rent Manger 12.

ShowMojo Data Location within Rent Manager
Listing title Unit, Marketing tab, Misc section: Title field
Listing address Unit, General tab, Address section
Rent Unit, Market Rent tab, Amount field
Security deposit Marketing tab, Details section: Deposit Fee field
Bedrooms Primary source: Marketing tab, Bedrooms
Secondary source: Unit, General tab, Bedrooms field
(0 bedrooms is interpreted as a studio.)
Full Bathrooms Primary source: Marketing tab, Full bathrooms
Secondary source: Unit, General tab, General section, Bathrooms field
Partial Bathrooms Primary source: Marketing tab, Half bathrooms
Secondary source: Unit, General tab, General section, Bathrooms field (Only when "Marketing tab, Full bathrooms" has a value.)
Pets Primary source: Marketing tab, Online Listing Fields
Secondary source:Unit, Amenities tab, Checked Amenities. These values can be any of the following:
  • No dogs
  • Dogs ok
  • Dogs ok up to 25 lbs
  • Dogs ok up to 40 lbs
  • Dogs negotiable
  • No cats
  • Cats ok
  • One cat ok
  • Cats negotiable

If no pet policy is set in Rent Manager, the pet policy in ShowMojo will remain blank.

Square Feet Unit, General tab, General section, Square footage field
Housing Type Primary source: Marketing tab, Property Type
Secondary source: Unit, General tab, General section, Unit Type field. These values can be any of the following:
  • Apartment
  • Condo
  • Townhouse
  • Single family house
  • Bedroom (co-living)
  • Commercial
  • Land
Schedule From UDF titled "Don't Show Before"
Available Date UDF titled "Date Available"
Details Unit, Amenities tab, Checked Amenities
Property and Unit Images Property, Image tab and Unit, Images tab
NOTE: ShowMojo pulls all photos available in each of these locations.
Highlights Primary source: Unit, Marketing tab, Description field
Secondary source: Create a new unit UDF and name it. Add the exact title to the Import Settings tab in ShowMojo under the Rent Manager import section, "Additional Fields" section.
Showing Notification Primary source: Unit, Occupancy tab, Current occupant contact, Email
Secondary source: ShowMojo provides three options to import tenants for showing notification:
  • Will not automatically be sent
  • Automatically sent to the primary occupant only
  • Automatically sent to all current occupants who have the box checked to Show on Statements/Labels in the Unit, Occupancy tab, Current occupant contact, Options section
Owner Email Address Property, Owners tab, Owner contact, Email
Listing Agent Email Address Unit, Marketing, Agent, Email Address
3D Video Tour Unit, Marketing tab, Listing Details Section, Virtual Tour URL section
Miscellaneous Fields ShowMojo imports all other fields from the Rent Manager marketing tab, and assigns them appropriately, except for:
  • NeighborhoodName
  • NeighborhoodDescription
  • LeaseTerm
  • LotSize
  • YearBuilt
  • OfficeEmailAddress
  • OfficeWebsite
  • OfficeStreetAddress
  • OfficeUnitNumber
  • OfficeCity
  • OfficeState
  • OfficePostalCode
  • ListingURL
  • ListingEmail

During import, ShowMojo will also check your system-wide agent contact details that are associated with the on-market listing(s) in Rent Manager. These fields, while optional, can affect other features like the Daily Performance Alerts, ShowMojo-initiated syndication, and how inquiries received by Rent Manager are handled within your ShowMojo account. We have included steps on how to Send all Rent Manager Inquiries to ShowMojo in the related article. 

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