Combine Listings from Multiple Accounts into a Single Listings Gallery

Companies with multiple ShowMojo accounts can include any combination of those accounts on a single Listings Gallery page.

To do this, you need to start with account UIDs for each account you want to combine. To get each account UID:

  1. Log in to each account.
  2. Go to the Gallery & Branding page.
  3. Locate the Listings Gallery Page link.
  4. Extract the 10-digit account UID from the link.

Next, it's time to construct the link. Use this template:[]=INCLUDED_ACCOUNT_1&account_uids[]=INCLUDED_ACCOUNT_2&account_uids[]=INCLUDED_ACCOUNT_3


  1. Replace HOSTING_ACCOUNT with the account UID of the account that will define the look-and-feel of the Listings Gallery. NOTE: listings from this account are not automatically included in the gallery. To include the listings from this account it should also be referenced as an INCLUDED_ACCOUNT
  2. Specify any number of INCLUDED_ACCOUNTs using the account UIDs and the parameter pattern defined above.

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