Edit (or Do Not Edit) Listings Imported into ShowMojo

By default, listings imported into ShowMojo cannot (and should not) be edited. Many edits to a listing will be over-written each time ShowMojo pulls updated data from the Listing Import Source. This includes the listing address, rent, bedrooms, bathrooms and most other information in the Essentials section.


Photos on an imported listing always sync to the listing import source. Any photo updates or reordering should be done in the source system.

Highlights and Details

The Highlights and Details sections on an imported listing are, by default, non-editable. This is the case only for listings where the importer is active on the account. The Highlights and Details sections on listings imported from non-active import sources (where the importer has been removed from the account) can be edited.

Regarding listing details, there are two approaches you can take to maximize the use of ShowMojo's listing details:

  1. Use ShowMojo details in your import source system to Automatically Set and Update Listing Details on Import
  2. Otherwise, you can chose to not include listing details information during the import. In this case, you would manage listing details from the Listings page within ShowMojo. This setting can be configured from the Import Settings page, within the Additional Settings section.

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