Specify Specific Cats or Dogs Options on Listings Imported from Propertyware

Propertyware limits its users to a Pets Allowed option of Yes or No. We understand this is not a fine-grained enough solution for many of our customers, especially when it comes to Listing Site Syndication.

We have devised a method for you to configure Pets Allowed as necessary in Propertyware, and then use Propertyware custom amenities to pass the additional details to ShowMojo. 

Here's How It Works

Step 1: On a listing, set Pets Allowed to Yes or No, depending upon how you need it to appear for your purposes in Propertyware. 

Step 2: Then, on the listing, add any of the following custom amenities:

  • No dogs
  • Dogs ok
  • Dogs ok up to 25 lbs
  • Dogs ok up to 40 lbs
  • Dogs negotiable
  • No cats
  • Cats ok
  • One cat ok
  • Cats negotiable

The result? ShowMojo will first read the default Propertyware policy and then smartly adjust it based on the custom amenities you have added.

For example: If a listing has a Pets Allowed answer of Yes and a custom attribute of No cats then ShowMojo will ensure the listing does allow dogs but does not allow cats.


If you are having issues, please check these things:

  1. Have you added the text as a custom amenity in Propertyware -- and not just as information on the listing details?
  2. Have you used the exact text in the custom amenity? Case text does not matter.
  3. Go to the ShowMojo Import Settings page , scroll down to the Additional Settings section, and ensure that you have enabled the "ShowMojo will attempt to identify and create details on imported listings" option. NOTE: Enabling this option (if it is not already enabled) will over-write your existing listing details on your ShowMojo listings. So be sure you are ok losing the existing details you have manually set in ShowMojo on your listings.

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