Live Answer (24/7 On Demand) Pricing Options

There's three pricing approaches for Live Answer, depending on how you use it.

Live Answer Bundle Plans

Live Answer can now be included in regular monthly plans, as opposed to just a weekly add-on. We expect a savings of at least 30 percent from these plans (versus weekly active listing billing).

You can review options and select a plan on the Billing Settings page. 

Per Active Listing Pricing (Weekly)

This active listing option can be turned on and off to address shorter-term and seasonal needs.

ShowMojo automatically charges weekly only for your on-market listings, and pricing-per-listing ratchets down with more listings.

Pricing is:

  • $10 per listing per week for 1 on-market listing
  • $8 per listing per week for 2 to 5 on-market listings
  • $7 per listing per week for 6 to 15 on-market listings
  • $6 per listing per week for 16 to 30 on-market listings
  • $5.50 per listing per week for 31 to 50 on-market listings
  • $5 per listing per week for 51 or more on-market listings

Listings are billed on a weekly basis when either of the following qualifications applies:

  1. The listing is on-market in ShowMojo for at least eight hours during the billing week.
  2. The listing was associated with two or more Live Answer calls during the billing week.

Please note, if two or more phone calls are received, and no listings were on-market, billing will occur for one on-market listing.

Per Call Pricing (Weekly)

If you want Live Answer picking up only occasionally at strategic times -- such as off-hours when your staff are not available -- then this is likely the best route.

Except for accounts with negotiated rates (such as premium Live Answer features) the individual call fees are as follows:

  • $2 per call for Standard Hours.  These calls start between 8am and 8pm local time on weekdays and between 8am and 1pm on Saturdays.
  • $3 per call for Outside Standard Hours. These calls start outside of Standard Hours.

ShowMojo's Live Answer service charges by the successfully answered call -- that is, only when a clear two-way communication is established with the prospect. Put another way, there are no charges for immediate hang-ups, dead lines, misconnects, etc.

Additionally, calls of less than 10 seconds with no clear outcome (such as showing details texted to the caller) will not be charged. After that, the per call fee is the same no matter the duration of the call.

We also try to be very explicit about the when and how of charging for calls. The Live Answer Calls report provides up-to-date details on all calls.

Weekly Billing Details

An invoice is automatically emailed each Monday morning. Billing occurs automatically Wednesday evening, using the payment method you have on file.

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