Live Answer (24/7 On Demand) Feature Overview

Before we begin, we should note one important thing. With Leasing Automation, pioneered by ShowMojo and backed by ShowMojo PHONE, there's already no true need to answer the phone. Prospects calling ShowMojo PHONE can self-serve their way through the leasing process entirely on their own, using ShowMojo's standard set of tools.

But we also understand that many managers, owners and agents want the delightful efficiency of leasing automation along with a high-touch immediate response for those prospect renters who require it. This attentiveness to every call can:

  • Reduce market times.
  • Keep your reputation in tip top shape.
  • Attract new owners. (Yes, Live Answer has a scenario for new owner calls.)

Live answer can do all this while removing the need to staff during odd hours or overstaff during peak periods. Additionally, Live Answer Bundle plans can help your team:

  • Assist prospects with self-showing access.
  • Reduce fraud (if you do self-showings).
  • Obtain better leasing funnel intelligence.
  • Correct marketing issues faster.

No matter who's calling your leasing line, Live Answer provides a fast and courteous response when (and only when) a prospect wants to speak to a live person. Live Answer agents can (and do):

  • Provide answers about listings and your application process.
  • Schedule showings.
  • Help prospects find and make changes to scheduled showings.
  • Route important leasing calls directly into your office. (For example, you could chose to route prospects asking to submit an application directly to one of your agents.)
  • Correctly route callers who unintentionally dialed your leasing line, including: prospective owners, current owners, prospects checking on applications, maintenance calls, and current residents calling with other needs.
  • Capture and email questions the agent cannot answer to you and your team. (You can answer those questions directly from the email and ShowMojo will communicate it back to the prospect).

Because ShowMojo's Live Answer Service is integrated directly into the ShowMojo platform, it can offer more value at rates that no other call center can come close to. If a live answer for every leasing call is important to your business, then Live Answer is the most-affordable, highest-value solution.

Additional Features for Live Answer Bundled Plans Only

Live Answer Bundles include this additional suite of full-service features to keep your team focused on the highest value activities.

Self-Showing Assist: When a prospect is at the home for a self-guided tour -- occasionally -- it can be a difficult process getting the prospect from one side of the front doorway to the other. Perhaps the prospective renter skipped an identity verification step. Perhaps they didn’t arrive within their showing window. Maybe they read “Push Door” on the lockbox and thought it meant the thing on the house. No matter the issue, a Live Answer agent is available to help from 7 am to 11 pm Eastern Time, 7 days a week.

Fraudulent Listing Guard: Whenever a potential fraud report hits Live Answer, an agent collects a full report with as many details as possible. Now, exclusively for accounts on Live Answer Bundle Plans, ShowMojo will investigate these alerts for you. This includes:

  • Searching Craigslist and Facebook for the targeted listing.
  • Flagging the listing as fraudulent.
  • Alerting your team about the fraudulent listing so you can also act and follow up.

Listing Tracking Numbers: All Live Answer Bundle accounts receive complimentary tracking numbers for each on-market listing. These numbers increase the fidelity of reports, alerts and automation because prospects who call in on a listing-specific number are immediately assigned to that listing. ShowMojo automatically purchases phone numbers for you as needed, using the area codes you select.

Alert First Response: ShowMojo support will monitor and attempt to resolve any Dashboard or Daily Performance Alerts‍ that are within our control. This includes simple updates to your listing source system, if your team is willing to give us access.

On Demand Options

Bundle plans aren't for everyone. ShowMojo also offers weekly active-listing-based plans and per-call pricing.

The Live Answer active-listing-based plans are great if you just need Live Answer for a few weeks (or months) to assist with peak seasons.

Per-call pricing lets you fold Live Answer in as an always-there assistant. For example, you can configure Live Answer to field incoming call requests all the time, or only:

  • When someone in your office isn't able to answer.
  • For specific ShowMojo PHONE lines (and not others).
  • Based on a weekly schedule you define and update.
  • When you chose to manually switch it on or off.
  • Send prospects who wish to speak to a live person to your internal number first -- and Live Answer picks up only when that number does not.

ShowMojo's Live Answer gives you all the flexibility you need.

How It Works

ShowMojo PHONE still answers all your calls with all the expected bells and whistles and text messages. We’ve just added one new option to direct live calls (either immediately or only when you cannot answer them) to the Live Answer call center.

Scheduled showings and new leads are nurtured with the exact same screening, scheduling, confirmation, and reporting as your current ShowMojo activity.

Everything is tracked through ShowMojo — even prospect questions for you (if you want to allow them). It’s all one system.

Upcoming showings are sent their showing information when they reach Live Answer. The agent will help find and send upcoming showing details to the prospect, so they can review all the details and make any updates.

Anything that cannot be addressed directly by an agent is captured and forwarded as a question to you. These Live Answer Prospect Questions are routed following the same rules (and Team Settings) as new lead notifications. And your team can respond to these questions directly through ShowMojo.

Who Answers and How is the Call Handled?

ShowMojo leverages both US-based and off-shore agents to ensure every call is answered promptly. Many agents are ShowMojo-only team members. Call quality, and the prospect experience, is of paramount concern for us.

Live Answer agents only ask the first three Restrictor-Based Screening Questions over the phone (to reduce the number of disappointed prospects who do not pass screening). The rest is pure ShowMojo. Each prospect who schedules a showing completes your remaining screening questions after the call. Or, if a prospect doesn’t find an available showtime they like, ShowMojo sends them a link to self-schedule when more times are available, and reminds them by text if they haven’t scheduled.

Additionally, when a prospect calls to report scamming or fraud, Live Answer has a comprehensive 12-question form that the agent talks through with the caller. The goal is to gather as much information about the incident as possible. The outcome of this conversation is emailed immediately to you.

Additional Details

To help make you successful: Optimize Your ShowMojo Account for Live Answer.

We've tried to give you options while making billing simple and clear: Live Answer (24/7 On Demand) Call Fees and Billing.

And we don't want to over-promise, so we have added: Live Answer (24/7 On Demand) Limitations.

How to Get Started

This is all on demand. Any and all of these options are immediately available to you on the ShowMojo Phone Settings page, in the Live Answer (24/7 On Demand) section. There’s no support ticket to file. No setup time. No waiting. Just configure Live Answer and turn it on. Leave it on in perpetuity. Or turn it on and off as you like, and as you need it.

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