Listing Address Does Not Show Correctly on a Map within ShowMojo

If you are simply looking to adjust the mapping location of a listing, you have also arrived at the correct article.

For Listings Entered Directly into ShowMojo

ShowMojo uses several industry-standard third-party systems to identify and plot map coordinates. If a listing does not appear correctly on a map, then typically the address needs to be updated on the Listings page in the Essentials section

As the listing address is updated, the map on the right of the section will update to display where the listing will be placed geographically with the revised address information.

If the listing is in a new development, it is possible the above steps will not resolve the issue. In this case, please Contact ShowMojo Support with the address of the listing and be sure to mention that it is a new development that is not mapping correctly.

For Imported Listings

For imported listings, in most all cases, ShowMojo reuses the geo-positioning information from the system from which a listing has been imported. If an imported listing is misplaced on a ShowMojo map, this is due to one of two scenarios.

  1. The geo-positioning data is incorrect in the source system.
  2. The geo-positioning data is entirely missing in the source system, and ShowMojo pulled data from a third-party system that had difficulties interpreting the imported listing address.

In either of the above cases, the best resolution is to correct the data in the source system, then run an Immediate Listing Import, then check the updated data on the listing and ShowMojo maps. 

Finally, it is possible that -- for an import system where ShowMojo does not pull geo-positioning information -- the address will map correctly in the source system but not in ShowMojo. In this case, please "clean up" the address in the source system and perform an Immediate Listing Import. Then confirm the listing maps correctly within ShowMojo.  If necessary, repeat this process until the listing maps correctly in ShowMojo.

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