Take a Listing Off Market but Keep the Showings

It is not uncommon that once an application is received, an owner or property manager stops marketing the listing, but retains the existing showings, in case the application falls through. And there might be additional reasons for taking a listing off market but keeping the showings.

In ShowMojo, accomplishing this task is easy. On either the Listings page or the Dashboard:

  1. Click Take off market.
  2. If there are upcoming showings on the listing, you will be presented with three options.
  3. Select Keep the showings.

At this point, all marketing for the listing will stop, no additional showings will be accepted, but ShowMojo will retain your existing showings.

If, in the future, you wish to cancel the remaining showings all at once, just put the listing back on market and then take it off market again. And this time choose to cancel the showings.

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