Enable Showing Acceptance for a Specific Listing

Sometimes you have an agreement with a tenant or owner, allowing them to approve each showtime. Or, for whatever reason, you want to review and accept each new showtime. ShowMojo automates this work for you.

This feature is available on a listing-by-listing basis and can be set on the Listings page in the Showing Acceptance section. ShowMojo can require acceptance from:

  • Any one of several approvers.
  • All listed approvers.
  • Just you.

When the showtime is accepted, ShowMojo will notify you and the prospect. If the showtime is rejected by any party, ShowMojo will automatically email the prospect to request that they reschedule the showing. Once the showing is accepted, ShowMojo will ignore any reject requests. Finally, this feature can also be used for Occupant Showings Conducted by Residents and Owners‍.

There are additional settings on showing acceptance. You can tell ShowMojo when to send a reminder to approvers, when to warn you that a showing still requires acceptance, and when to reject the showing (and request that the prospect reschedule) if ShowMojo has not received an “accept” or “reject” answer after a preset period of time.  

You can even Review the History on a Showing to see which approver accepted or rejected a showing request. 


  • The showing acceptance feature must be enabled. This setting can be found in the Optional Features section on the Listings Settings page.
  • For showings that are created between 5 pm and 8 am, the reschedule request will not be sent until 11:00 am or when the showing is less than 90 minutes in the future
  • Showing acceptance is bypassed (read: the setting is not honored) for any lockbox-based showings scheduled using the default half-hour increment self-showing schedule.

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