Search for and Review History on a Lead or Showing

Find a Lead or Showing

On the ShowMojo Dashboard there is a built-in prospect search feature, that allows searching by: 

  • Prospect name
  • Email
  • Phone 
  • Notes
  • Unique Prospect / Showing ID

To activate the prospect search feature, click on the head-and-shoulders icon, to the right of the + New Showing option, in the Dashboard filter bar. A Search by Prospect field will appear. Then type your search term (phone, email, name, etc.) and press Enter.

Your view will then be changed to the Results filter which will show you an aggregated view of the Upcoming, Previous, Canceled, Leads, and Hidden Leads tabs.  

To clear the search and return to the previous view, click on Clear Results.

Review the History of a Lead or Showing

To see the history of a lead or showing, just click on the History link associated with it.

For multi-user accounts, the history will often include the email address of the team member who took the action. If an event was completed by "you" then ShowMojo is referring to team member reviewing the history record.

View All Leads or Showings for a Given City or Address

You can search by and select a city or address the same way you search for a prospect. 

In the search box (to the right of the New Showing link) make sure that the globe is selected and you see the words Search by Location. Then, you can start your search with any of the three actions:

  1. Click on the down arrow at the left of the search box to review all cities and addresses.
  2. Start typing a city name.
  3. Start typing an address.

Once you have selected an address or city, click on the different filters (like Leads and Today) to see your search results.

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