The Regional Calendar Type

This calendar type does what it says on the tin, enabling very dynamic demand-driven scheduling for a dozen or more listings all located in the same geographic location. When creating a new calendar and selecting a Calendar Type this is the option: One Set of Listings That All Use the Same Show Windows (The Regional Calendar).

A single regional calendar can be used to great effect by a showing agent whose listings are all within similar travel distance to one another. This showing agent can quickly define their general availability and showing preferences, then let ShowMojo intelligently schedule prospects for listings based on interest and demand.

More often, multiple regional calendars are used in a similar fashion but in a group to Efficeintly Schedule in Different Geographic Areas.

The defining characteristic of a regional calendar is that all its show windows apply to a single set of listings, listing groups and/or properties. Basically, this calendar is built to scale. Two or three regional calendars with many listings and many show windows are much easier to maintain than a single standard calendar.

When working with imported listings and regional calendars, simple Listing to Calendar Auto-Assignment Rules are typically the most effective way to automatically place listings on the appropriate regional calendars. The extra effort to build listing groups is typically not required.

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