The Listing Sites That Matter and the Listing Sites That Don't

The Top 75 Percent

When it comes to Listing Site syndication, it's the big three that almost always matter: Zillow, HotPads and Trulia. These three sites account for 75 percent of all incoming ShowMojo leads. 

The great news is that these sites are usually quite responsive to the issues we report, and resolution times are not too long. 

The Next 24 Percent

The next 24 percent of leads come from second tier sites. As of Autumn 2017, these were:, ApartmentList,,, Zumper, and PadMapper. Though these names can change. Some of these companies are great to work with, and others are difficult to reach. We know these sites matter in some areas. So we're happy to assist customers (when we can) to ensure their listings display on individual sites in this tier.

That Last 1 Percent

The third tier of sites -- and the majority of the 50-plus sites ShowMojo syndicates to -- represent only 1 percent of all incoming leads. Not surprisingly, these can be some of the most difficult sites to work with. And none of them, to our knowledge, have a specific impact on any region.

Just as you run your business in an efficient manner, ShowMojo does the same. ShowMojo makes our listing feed available to these sites to get what few extra leads we can. Also, because one of these sites might grow in the future. But we don't spend effort on these sites, fussing about what listings might or might not be included, as there is simply no value in such effort.

What about Questions from Owners

We know property owners sometimes go looking for their property on obscure third-tier sites (or sometimes they look at Listing Positioning on Search Engines like Google).

We have a couple suggestions to help there. 

First, we recommend you sell your owners on the benefit of being correctly listed on the sites that matter, as opposed to being listed on every possible (but unvisited) site.

Second, we recommend you sell your owners on the benefits provided by ShowMojo's listing syndication, including:

  1. Rapid listing posts and updates to Zillow and their related sites.
  2. Immediate actionable auto-replies to most every query (when ShowMojo is responsible for syndication).
  3.  Immediate ability for prospects to self-screen and self-schedule -- at any time.

Please note, even with everything stated above, if there's a specific issue with a specific listing on a third-tier site, we will still try to help. So if you need the assistance, please do Contact ShowMojo Support.

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