Automatically Collect Showing Agent Feedback

In addition to Soliciting Post-Showing Feedback from prospects, ShowMojo can also collect post-showing feedback from you and your showing agents.

Feature Overview

When you enable Showing Agent Feedback, ShowMojo will:

  • Always and automatically ask the showing agent whether the prospect arrived at the showing. 
  • Request feedback from the showing agent using whatever other agent feedback questions that have been added to the listing's screening questionnaire.
  • Remind the agent to submit feedback.
  • Send a daily report (each morning) to the account owner with a list of showings and showing agents where feedback wasn’t submitted.

Collected Agent Showing Feedback is viewable (and effortlessly exportable) from the Showing Feedback Report

Set Up and Configuration

To enable Agent Showing Feedback (and ask whether the prospect attended the showing):

  1. Go to the General Settings page.
  2. Scroll down to Showing Agent Feedback and click Edit.
  3. If you chose to do so, alter the number of days ShowMojo will remind each showing agent for feedback. If you want no reminders beyond the initial email, set this option to 0.
  4. ShowMojo can send each feedback submission to one or more email addresses. If this is useful in your organization, just add those email addresses.
  5. Update the setting to will and click Save.

That's all.

Then, to add additional feedback questions:

  1. Go to the Showing Qualification Settings page.
  2. Scroll to Pre-Showing Questionnaire section and click Edit to access the appropriate questionnaire.
  3. Add custom screening questions. (When you add each new question, be sure to select agent feedback from the corresponding dropdown.)
  4. Click Save.

As a sanity check, you could preview an on-market listing associated with the questionnaire to confirm that the new questions were configured correctly and do not appear for the prospective renter.

As a reminder, you can Add Pre-Showing Questionnaires on a Listing-By-Listing Basis which allows for agent feedback questions that are specific to a particular listing or group of listings. 

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