Reschedule a Showing (as a Showing Agent or Other Team Member)

There are two primary ways to reschedule a showing in ShowMojo. 

Set a New Showtime

When logged into ShowMojo -- on web or mobile -- a team member with access to a showing can simply click Edit on a showing and update the showtime.

ShowMojo, then, automatically queues up a message to the prospect. That message can be sent as is, customized, or discarded. Also, ShowMojo automatically Determines if the Communication Must be Sent by Text Message and acts accordingly.

Ask the Prospect to Select a New Showtime

The other option is to ask the prospect to select a new showtime from all your available showtimes. 

This is done from the ShowMojo Dashboard. Simply:

  1. Locate the showing.
  2. Click the Cancel/Reschedule link for the showing.
  3. Click Request reschedule.

It is important to understand that this does clear the existing showtime.  ShowMojo does follow up with the prospect to encourage them to reschedule. You can read more about this activity in the Communication to Prospects on a Showing Reschedule Request article.

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