When ShowMojo Does and Does Not Send Showing Details Emails

Single-User Behavior

ShowMojo sends a Showing Details Email to the Account Owner or a team member on a new or updated showing in all cases except one. This one case is when: 

  • The account is in Single-User mode
  • The new showing or showing update is done by the account owner via the ShowMojo Dashboard.

The reason for this is that the account owner on a single user account should know what they have done and why. So there is no point to notify the account owner and fill up an email inbox with unnecessary email.

Multi-User Behavior

New showing emails go to the team member who is responsible for the showing.

New lead email routing and behavior can be adjusted on the Team Setting page. And you might find this article helpful: Account Owner Receives too Many Emails (or Not Enough) on a Multi-User Account.

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