Reduced Text Messages During Nighttime Hours

From the moment ShowMojo started sending text messages to prospects, we were aware that we don't want to upset them by bouncing them out of bed. ShowMojo uses situation-specific logic to determine when it is (and is not) appropriate to send late-night text messaging.

Showing confirmation requests and reminders: ShowMojo has a complete blackout on these messages from 8pm to 7am. None are sent. And from 7am to 8am, ShowMojo only sends confirmation messaging for morning showings. Confirmation messaging for afternoon and evening showings does not begin until 8am. 

Text-message responses to listing site inquiries: ShowMojo has a complete blackout on these messages from 9pm to 6am. Inquiries received during the blackout period are not sent a text message but only an email. It is worth noting that these messages are always sent in response to an inquiry being received from ShowMojo. In most cases, ShowMojo's response is instantaneous. So an early morning text message should only be sent in response to an inquiry that was just made by the prospect.

Reminders on document verification and pre-showing questionnaire followup: These messages have a general blackout of midnight to 7am. The reduced blackout is due to the urgency of these messages. Moreover, if a prospect schedules a showing during the blackout period ShowMojo will still send a text message, since the prospect had to be awake at that time to send the message.

Messages from ShowMojo PHONE: There is no blackout for these as they are only ever triggered in real time by live calls from prospects.

Showing Acceptance requests: Due to the timeliness often required for Showing Acceptance requests, there is no blackout window at this time. In general, ShowMojo recommends using email for showing acceptance. If you add a cell phone to the showing acceptance settings, please be sure to obtain the recipient's approval in advance, and note that messages may be sent during night-time hours.

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