Tips for Accounts in Multiple Time Zones

ShowMojo is built for accounts that span multiple time zones. This article provides a summary of some of the features that support multiple timezones.

Accounts end up with multiple time zones one of two ways.

  1. The option is explicitly selected in the Time Zone Settings section on the Schedule Settings page, and then a calendar is updated to a timezone different from the account time zone.
  2. Time zone dependent digital access devices (such as MojoLocks or VaultLOCKS eLockboxes) are in use on the account in more than one time zone. 

On the Dashboard

Accounts using multiple timezones will have a time zone selector in the upper right hand corner of the Dashboard. This allows the user to easily switch the display showtimes between time zones. This setting also controls the times displayed on the New Showing, Edit Showing and Showing History pop-overs.

Other Options

If your listings are located on the edge of a time zone change, you can Let Prospects Select the Timezone of their Showing‍.

If you do self showings in multiple time zones and are encountering any issues, read up on Time Zone Auto-Detection for Self-Showings‍.

If you have unnecessary time zones on the account, here is how to Update a Calendar Time Zone to Match the Account Time Zone‍ 

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