Review and Update All Customizable Templates

When first setting up ShowMojo (or any time thereafter) you and your team may wish to control messaging and really make communication yours. Or you might need to review and potentially update all your templates for communication with prospective renters.

Here's a complete list of places to look:

  • The Communication Settings page: review pretty much every section on this page.
  • The templates on the bottom half of the Listing Sites Settings page.
  • The Off-Market Listing Automation section on the Listing Import Settings page: if you are using ShowMojo to automatically cancel showings after a listing goes off market.
  • The Anti-Fraud Message and Acknowledgement section on the Digital Access Settings: if you conduct self-showings.
  • The communication settings on individual showing agents: if you are are using multi-user functionality and let showing agents update their own showing details and follow up emails. You can easily access showing agent accounts from the Team Settings page.

If you're curious about the color and branding used in these emails, you'll find all that in the Gallery & Branding Settings that define your listing pages and Listings Gallery. Keep in mind these settings impact everything and are not specific to email communications. For more information check out or article on how to Customize the Header and Colors on Your Listings Gallery and Schedule-a-Showing Pages‍.

Finally, if you are reviewing all existing custom messages (or hunting for something specific to an individual listing) then you may want to also check the Listing Options section on the Listings page.

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