Two-Way Text Messaging with Prospective Renters

Feature Overview

ShowMojo's two-way texting lets you and your team communicate with any prospect in ShowMojo on any leasing-related matter. You can do this directly from the ShowMojo Dashboard or even from the ShowMojo Mobile App

On the Dashboard or mobile app, communicate with any prospect by clicking the text messaging bubble or by clicking the Actions link then Text Messaging. There's even a specialized Messaging view where leads can be sorted and filtered based on read and unread status. 

Message threads are done based on the phone number of the prospect. All showing and lead records with the same phone number will share the same message thread.

Messages from multiple ShowMojo team members to the same prospect phone number are viewable by all team members (again, it's all on the same thread).

ShowMojo sends new message alerts via email and the mobile app to all team members who would otherwise be notified on changes to the showing. The specific team members are determined by the Lead and Showing Assignment Settings. Each team member can Control What Emails They Receive and Don't Receive‍.

Get Started

Two-way text messaging is immediately available on:

Don't have one of those billing plans? Contact ShowMojo Support‍ about the options available to get two-way texting included on your account.

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