Send the Same Email to Multiple Showings or Leads

ShowMojo will automatically do this for you in some specific cases:

There's probably something we missed in that list, but hopefully you get the idea.

If you are interested in sending a truly custom message to several showings: we know there's a cool feature here, and it is in our backlog to address as part of a larger set of communication updates. So the following proposal is more of a work-around, but it is provided here because it is the simplest way (and still not a bad approach) to accomplish this task.

ShowMojo provides prospect email addresses directly on the Dashboard. Via copy-and-paste, collect the emails of the prospects you want to contact. Then:

  1. In your email program, compose the email you want to send.
  2. Address that email to your email address.
  3. Add the prospect emails in the blind carbon copy (BCC) section.
  4. Send the email.

This ensures that a private email is sent to each recipient, while you need to compose and send only one email.

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