The Details Behind Automated Showing Confirmation

First and foremost, ShowMojo automatically handles all email and text-based showing confirmation activity with the prospect. If you have the feature configured on your Schedule Settings page (in the Showing Confirmation section) you never need to click a link or push a button for an automated showing confirmation to occur.

The Overview

Another powerful ShowMojo feature is the confirmation process. Based on the settings you choose, ShowMojo may offer or require that your prospects confirm their showing by email or text. In reality, more than 95 percent of ShowMojo customers require showing confirmation, and this is the default setting.

ShowMojo will make up to three attempts to confirm a showing with each prospect and even sends another reminder two hours before the showing.

Additionally, ShowMojo’s confirmation process includes an automated cancelation option for prospects who do not confirm their showing. This feature can be set to cancel the showing 1, 2, or 3 hours before the showtime. However, there are special rules (explained below) that apply to early morning showings.

The Messy Details

When a showing is scheduled with email or text confirmation, ShowMojo will send a message to the prospect 24 hours before the showtime, asking the prospect to confirm, cancel, or reschedule the showing. If ShowMojo doesn’t hear back, it will try again six hours before the showing, and it will try by both email and text. If necessary, ShowMojo makes a final confirmation attempt two hours before the showing, again by both email and text.

If the auto-cancel option is enabled on an account, ShowMojo will issue a cancelation challenge at the time of the final confirmation attempt (normally two hours from the showtime). This cancelation challenge informs the prospect that their showing has been canceled but the showing can be reinstated if the prospect responds within the next 30 minutes. Under normal circumstances, ShowMojo will give the prospect one hour to reinstate the showing. This means that, under normal circumstances, ShowMojo will notify the team member about an auto-canceled showing one hour before the showtime. If the last confirmation request goes out less than one hour before showtime, however, then the unconfirmed showing is canceled 30 minutes after the last confirmation request is sent.

Note: ShowMojo may adjust the notification periods listed above for showings booked less than 24 hours in advance and to avoid sending confirmation requests between midnight and 8am local time.

For prospects who confirm their showing four or more hours in advance, ShowMojo also sends a showing reminder two hours before the showtime (using the same method of communication that the prospect used to confirm the showing).

For prospects who schedule a See It Now lockbox showing (basically a prospect at the listing) ShowMojo auto-confirms for the prospect and sends the access code via text to the phone number provided by the prospect. This validates the prospect's phone number while saving the prospect an unnecessary back-and-forth step via text message. This case is recorded in the showing history as "automatically confirmed by ShowMojo". 

You can configure these settings on the General Settings page, then ShowMojo does all the work for you.

Finally, you can view the up-to-date confirmation status of each showing on the ShowMojo Dashboard.


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