Listing Not Appearing on an Internet Listing Site

A couple notes, before we begin:

  1. If you believe none of your listings are syndicating, then please review the No Listings Are Syndicating article.
  2. Checking a search engine (such as Google) to confirm whether a listing is syndicated not at all reliable. It's also not where prospects search for rental homes. While time-intensive, the thing to do is check individual Listing Sites.

What to Check When an Individual Listing is Not Syndicating to One or More Sites

We know marketing on listing sites is a huge part of getting the place rented. If you believe a listing is not appearing on a specific site, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ShowMojo Listings page and confirm the listing in on the market.
  2. On the listing page, click on Online Ad Health and resolve any Setup and Syndication Alerts that appear.
  3. On the listings page, click on History, and confirm it has been at least 24 hours since the listing went on the market in ShowMojo. Hey, we don't like this step either, but those are the constraints we have to work within when collaborating with listing sites.
  4. Go to the Listing Sites Settings page in the Listing Syndication section and confirm you have syndication-enabled for the specific listing site (or the network associated with it).
  5. Are you looking for a listing on Zillow, Hotpads, or Trulia? Please review the conditions found in the Listing Not Appearing on the Zillow Group Network for site-specific troubleshooting.
  6. Are you looking for a listing on ApartmentList and in a building with more than 200 residential units? Please note that ApartmentList does not accept free listings in buildings with 200 or more units.
  7. Are you looking for a listing on in a building or community with more than 50 residential units? You will need to sign up for a premium account with as they are the exclusive provider of apartment listings for buildings or communities over 50 units on  
  8. Is this listing on Please note that only accepts houses and townhouses (not condos and apartments).
  9. Is the listing not on Check to confirm if the listing address in ShowMojo can be found in Google Maps, Bing Maps, or the USPS address lookup. If not, will not list it.
  10. also rejects listings that are not marketed with an agent name. If you are a single user account, ensure that a person's name is listed as the Agent Name in ShowMojo under the Contact Information section in Gallery and Branding Settings. Listings with company information, and not a reference to an individual person, in place of an agent name will not be syndicated. For more information, refer to our article about How Details Are Viewed By Prospective Renters. will only publish single family listings without a direct paid agreement.
  11. If your listing is not appearing in Zumper's search results, but you can see the ad is posted by following a direct link, it's possible that your listing has been temporarily removed from search. Zumper will periodically restrict listings in order to allow nearby listings to also generate leads. These restrictions are removed at the beginning of the next month.
  12. Apartment finders and locators only: is this a non-exclusive listing? In this case, others might be doing the same and taking the spot you hope to get.
  13. Are you advertising Rent to Own? Many sites are known to not accept Rent to Own listings.
  14. Is the listing not on Kijiji?  Kijiji will not accept listings that are missing required information such as Description and Square Footage.
  15. Confirm you have the correct street address, city and zip code on the listings. Incorrect information can impede syndication. Examples of address issues to look for include: road instead of the street, an incorrect street number, or incorrect zip code. All of these issues can impede listing syndication.
  16. If the listing is an apartment, condo, townhouse or other types of property in a multi-unit setting where unit numbers are commonly used, confirm that you have clearly included the unit number in the listing info (whether in ShowMojo or in the Listing Import Source.
  17. If the listing (1) is imported from a third-party source and (2) is part of a multi-unit property where more than one listing should currently be on market, then use the dropdown on the ShowMojo Listings page to confirm there is an individual listing in ShowMojo for each on market unit. If not, then you likely have an issue in the Listing Import Source where two or more listings have an identical address and unit combinations. Please identify and correct this issue in the Listing Import Source System.
  18. If the listing is not in the United States then there are many listing sites on which it might not appear ( for example.)
  19. On the specific listing site where you expect to see the listing, be sure to search the site for the address as it appears on the ShowMojo listing. If you find the listing, please keep in mind that not every variation of a street address works on every site. But your prospective renters will not be searching by street address in most normal scenarios.
  20. If you find the address on the site but the listing has been posted by someone else, you will need to Identify the Listing Source and contact the listing site and the "source" from which the listing was posted to have the listing "de-listed".
  21. On the Listings page, in the Essentials section, confirm the listing appears in the appropriate place on the map. Also confirm the address, city, state and zip code look valid -- and that each piece of information is entered into the correct field. If this appears to be the issue, then Correct the Listing Location Information.
  22. Back on the listing page in the Essentials section, confirm the listing is set to (or being imported as) the correct housing type. If the housing type is not correct for an imported listing, then see the instructions below to reach out to ShowMojo support.
  23. In the Essentials section of the listings pageconfirm the listing is typed as "for rent", has a rent, has a number of bedrooms, and has a number of bathrooms. If this is an imported listing, be sure to update the information in the source system.
  24. Check the Listing Options section to confirm this setting: ShowMojo will syndicate this listing.
  25. Check the Listing Options section to confirm that address masking is not enabled. Some listing sites will accept listings only with a real address.
  26. Check the Highlights section to confirm that you do not have any language that might violate Fair Housing in your location. For those listing sites in question, you should be able to find copies of their marketing guidelines directly from their website.

If any of the above steps result in a change to ShowMojo or the system from which you import listings, you will need to give the update 24 hours to make it to the listing site. Our apologies, but we really have no control over this wait time.

Contacting ShowMojo Support about a Syndication Issue

If nothing above works, you can Submit a Support Ticket about the Syndication Issue

We're happy to try and help, but please keep in mind that we often have little control over the inner workings of the individual listing sites.

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