Give Staff and Vendors CodeBox, VaultLOCKS, MojoBox, and MojoLock Codes with Text-to-Access

Need to give vendors and staff access to listings?

Text-to-Access provides immediate and secure access to digital-access-enabled listings (both on and off market). With this feature, a requester can send a simple text message to receive a time-restricted or limited-use access code. 

Text-to-Access is fully customizable to limit access to only approved persons. You can enable Text-to-Access and add restrictions on the Digital Access Settings page. 

Text-to-Access works on listings regardless of whether they are on or off market. It also works with any digital lockbox on your account, regardless of whether it is associated with a listing.

To use Text-to-Access with MojoLock smartlocks, you'll need to add a label to the MojoLock or to the door with the MojoLock serial number. You can find that serial number for each MojoLock on the Digital Access Report

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