Options Available for Prospect Self Showings and Digital Access Devices

ShowMojo provides a variety of options and uses for lockboxes (whether manual or digital) and smartlocks.

At the Account Level

When the self-show scheduling options are used, showings are scheduled in 30 minute increments with the following defaults:

  • Seven days a week.
  • From 8am to 8pm.
  • With no prior notice.
  • Up to 14 days in the future.

You can alter these default settings on the Schedule Settings page in the Self-Show Scheduling section.

At the Listing Level

On a listing-by-listing basis, ShowMojo can be configured to:

  • Use a primary access device as the only showing method for the listing. That is, when you only want prospect self-showings for the listing.
  • Give prospects the option to select between self and accompanied showings. So the prospect can select a time to meet you there or choose to see the place on their own.
  • Keep the primary access device available only for third parties such as contractors and brokers. So prospects only book accompanied showings, but ShowMojo's Text-to-Access and Third-Party Agent Showing functionality can still be used.
  • Assign additional MojoLocks to a listing for non-showing activities. These additional MojoLock devices are not connected to self-showing activity in any way, and can be used in conjunction with the Resident Access feature.

Then, for listings with device-only scheduling, this behavior can be defined to use:

  • Default 30 minutes windows, with a configurable schedule and maximum days in the future that showings can be scheduled.
  • A custom calendar that you completely configure and assign to the listing for this purpose.

Finally, the listing can automatically add a screening question for self-showings. You can choose between:

All access-device-based settings can be found:

  • On the listing's Digital Access page, linked in the left column of the page, where listing-by-listing updates can be made.
  • On the Listings Settings page in the Lockbox and Smartlock Defaults section, where defaults for new listings can be set.

Before updating your showing type on any of your on-market listings, we would also recommend reviewing the Showing Behavior When a Listing is Switched between Self-Show and In-Person Showings

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