Specify Apartment, Condo, Townhouse or Commercial on Listings Imported from AppFolio

Want the most leads for each syndicated listing? If you use AppFolio and have Condos or Townhouses for rent, be sure to keep reading.

AppFolio limits residential Property Types to Single-Family and Multi-Family. We understand this is not sufficient for many of our customers, especially when it comes to Listing Site Syndication.

Additionally, AppFolio doesn't flag Commercial listings on the publicly viewable pages. 

Therefore, we have devised a method to accurately configure ShowMojo's Housing Type on an imported listing as necessary -- directly from the AppFolio listing.

On an AppFolio listing, simply add the word Apartment, Condo, Townhouse or Commercial as a custom amenity. When importing the listing, ShowMojo will assign the correct Housing Type to the listing. Then, syndication and everything else will continue as you would expect.

Please note, if your listing includes a unit number, ShowMojo will automatically look to assign Apartment as the housing type if no other custom amenity is present.

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