Collect Application Fees at Essentially No Cost

Application Fees Feature Overview

For just $5, collected directly from each applicant, you can accept rental application fees directly through ShowMojo. Since the applicant pays direct to ShowMojo, there is essentially no fee to you. Then add whatever additional application fee you can truly justify -- up to $100 per applicant.

Applicants pay by credit card. ShowMojo transfers payments to your bank account every two weeks. You can see real-time updates on application fees on the Rental Application Fees report. 

Rental Applications and Background Screening

At present, you'll need to take Rental Applications through ShowMojo in order to accept application fees through ShowMojo. The application fee is collected in the final step as the prospect completes the rental application.

You do not, however, need to use ShowMojo's Applicant Screening, although we would certainly encourage you to do so.

Get Started

Setting everything up is super simple.

  1. Go to the Rental Application Settings.
  2. If you are not doing so already, you will need to enable and use ShowMojo's Rental Application Feature.
  3. Scroll down to the Rental Application Fee section.
  4. Complete the enrollment form.

And you are set.


We know refunds of rental application fees are sometimes necessary. A refund can be requested for a $5 fee from the Applications page (the link to that page can be found on the ShowMojo Dashboard). All funds are returned to the applicant.


On the rare occasion that a prospect files a chargeback, ShowMojo will notify you about the chargeback and charge your credit card on file for the chargeback amount, in addition to a $30 chargeback fee.

You are able to contest the chargeback by providing ShowMojo with any details and evidence to make your case to the prospect's bank. You must provide this information by the bank's mandated deadline. ShowMojo will forward the information you provide along to the bank. If the chargeback is reversed, ShowMojo will refund the total amount of the chargeback as well as a portion of the chargeback fee.

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