Individual Listings Galleries for Showing Agents

ShowMojo Multi-User accounts have the option to provide showing agents with individual listing galleries. These pages look like the account Listings Gallery but display only the specific agent's listings (or the listings currently available on their calendars).

The links are only about 30 characters, so they can be easily distributed via text and other instant messaging platforms.

To enable showing agent gallery links:

  1. Go to the Multi-User Options section on the Team Settings page.
  2. Update the setting that will allow showing agents and administrators "access to a personal listings gallery". You are able to select from "enabled with administrator control" or "enabled with showing agent control".

Your team members can then find their individual gallery links on the Settings page, in the Account Settings section, when logged into ShowMojo.

Additionally, ShowMojo PHONE numbers assigned to individual showing agents can be restricted to acknowledge and publish only those listings that belong to the individual showing agent. This setting can be found on the Phone Settings page.

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