Multi-User Feature Overview

ShowMojo's multi-user features provide independent showing agents with their own everything 

Showing agents can configure their calendars, showing behavior, and prospect communication to their exact needs -- though many of these activities can also be restricted based on your policies.  Showing agents also:

Coordinator users are intended for scheduling and managing showings, but not completing showings. Coordinators can have their own, restricted access. 

Finally, administrators can have individual logins. Similar to the Account Owner, administrators can act as high-level showing agents, high-level coordinators, or both. 

Everyone lives happily -- and independently -- within one ShowMojo account. 

Support for Varying Team Structures

ShowMojo's multi-user features support anything from portfolio-based management to completely independent agents who work with a great deal of autonomy. Of course, you can tailor the settings for any type of structure in-between.

From the listing perspective, this means listings can be exclusive to a showing agent, can be shared between specific agents, or can be available for any agent to show. 

You can also adjust these settings over time, as your team structure changes and your needs change. 

The Lead and Showing Assignment to Agents on a Multi-User Account article provides the fine details of setting up and adjusting team settings based on your team structure.

Meanwhile the Manage Showing Agent Access to Showings and Listings article provides a good introduction into how access restrictions can be tailored for showing agents.


Multi-user features are available on almost all accounts, including annual accounts. See the Pricing for Multi-User Accounts article for more information.

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