Add and Configure Multiple ShowMojo PHONE Numbers

Additional ShowMojo PHONE numbers can be added on the Phone Settings page in the ShowMojo PHONE section. Just click the Add a ShowMojo PHONE Number button.

Each ShowMojo PHONE number has its own settings, so it can be configured to act independently of any other number.

Specific pricing for additional numbers (typically $10 per number per month) can also be found there.

Finally, additional numbers can be removed from an account using the Remove button for each number in the ShowMojo PHONE section.

Assign Numbers to Individual Team Members

Once an additional ShowMojo PHONE number is created, you can assign that number to an individual team member (on any Multi-User account). ShowMojo will then use that number when syndicating and displaying the specific listings associated with that team member.

Team members who have been assigned ShowMojo PHONE numbers can see their assigned number and update their ShowMojo PHONE forwarding number on their My Settings page. Other options related to additional ShowMojo PHONE numbers can be configured by the Account Owner or account administrators on the Phone Settings page.

Note that this feature should not be used with listings that are shared by multiple team members. In this case, ShowMojo will randomly select one team member when marketing the listing.

Market Listings with Showing Agent ShowMojo PHONE Numbers

A multi-user account can be configured to market individual listings using the ShowMojo PHONE numbers of assigned showing agents.

The option can be enabled on the Team Settings page, in the Multi-User Options section. Look for the setting that starts with Listings will be marketed using.

Additionally, ShowMojo PHONE numbers assigned to individual showing agents can be restricted to acknowledge and publish only those listings that belong to the individual showing agent. This option leverages the Individual Listing Gallery Links feature. The setting can be found on the Phone Settings page.

Use Local Phone Numbers for Regional Groups of Listings

ShowMojo PHONE numbers can also be created and left to operate at the account level.

For syndication and marketing activities performed outside of ShowMojo, you can choose to use whatever ShowMojo PHONE number you would like. This is most helpful when you are trying to:

  • Appear to have a local presence.
  • Route calls to a specific regional office.
  • Otherwise handle calls differently based on an individual marketing source, an individual listing or a group of listings.

A Couple Additional Details

Each ShowMojo PHONE number still has access to all rental listings on the account. And ShowMojo treats the primary ShowMojo PHONE number as the default account number for syndication and marketing (that is, when there's no team member assigned to the listing with an individual ShowMojo PHONE number).

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