Listing Off-Market Automation

Whether you are importing listings or maintaining them within ShowMojo, ShowMojo off-market automation kicks in as soon as it is aware of an off-market listing.

When you take a listing off the market within ShowMojo, the system will ask whether it should cancel the remaining showings for that listing and contact each prospect.

If you chose to let ShowMojo cancel the showings, ShowMojo will draft an email for you, let you update and preview the email, then send it off to each prospect.

When you take listings off market in a system from which ShowMojo imports listings, ShowMojo will follow your configurations on the Import Settings page in the Off-Market Listing Automation section.

ShowMojo always emails the prospect. Also, ShowMojo Sends Text Messages about Canceled Showings When Needed

When sending an email, ShowMojo also takes the opportunity to direct the prospect to your other similar listings still on the market.

When a number of showings are canceled at once, you may notice that the Dashboard does not immediately display the showings as canceled.  This is to avoid flooding the integrated system with too many requests at a single time.

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