Reasons for Rejected Showings

ShowMojo does a lot of different things when scheduling, and this includes coordinating with two and even three parties. The following features can result in rejected showings:

Rejected showings are converted to leads. They can then be found in the Leads Filter on the ShowMojo Dashboard, until some other action is taken on them.

If a showing is rejected and you don't know why, it is most likely because of one of three reasons:

  1. If the account is using Lead Claim then rejected showings can happen when (i) the showing has not been claimed and (ii) a hard deadline associated with showing acceptance or showing notification have passed.
  2. If the showtime was scheduled during an available showtime by either the prospect or a ShowMojo user: then someone did not do their part within a very reasonable period of time.
  3. If the showtime was a custom showtime scheduled by a ShowMojo user: then it was scheduled without respect for the required timelines of one or more of the features above. On rare occasion, this can result in a showing that is immediately canceled, because the showtime breached a duration requirement from the moment it was scheduled.

To find out more about the what and the who of a rejected showing, just Search for and Review History on the Lead or Showing.

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