Remove Prospect Contact Information and Other Details from a Lead or Showing

On very rare occasion there might be a desire to "remove a prospect from ShowMojo". Note that this is fundamentally different than a request to Unsubscribe a Prospective Renter from Prospect Nurturing Emails, which is a more common and easily accomplished activity.

Because of how everything is tightly woven together, ShowMojo does not have the ability to just "remove" or "erase" a lead or showing. However, something similar can be accomplished while keeping the lead or showing in place. Simply:

  1. Log into the ShowMojo Dashboard.
  2. Locate the lead or showing. (If necesary, here is how to Search for a Lead or Showing).
  3. Change the name on the showing and clear out any fields (such as email, phone or answers to screening questions) that might cause concern.
  4. Save the showing record.

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