Steps to Take to Reduce No Shows

Many customers swear by ShowMojo's ability to drastically reduce no shows. If you are reading this article then, admittedly, you are likely not one of those customers.

Here's a list of steps you can take to get your no show rate down.

  1. Ensure you have your Automated Confirmation settings set to automatically cancel any showing that has not confirmed. This setting can cancel anywhere from one to three hours before the showing.
  2. Consider how far in advance you allow prospects to schedule showings. The further out a prospect schedules a showing, the more likely they are to cancel or no show. Allowing prospects to schedule showings no more than seven days in the future is not unreasonable. And allowing prospects to schedule showings any more than 14 days in the future is likely too generous (and an invitation to cancels and no shows).
  3. Consider how you schedule showings. It's impossible to eliminate every no show. But it is not impossible to practically eliminate any no-show-related issues. You do this by conducting either Group Showings or clustered individual showings (leveraging Smart Show).
  4. Make sure you provide enough details in your listings. Here's an extreme example: if you Photoshop the front of the house in your marketing to the point at which it looks like a different house, don't be surprised if prospective renters drive to the showing but -- upon seeing the real house -- just keep driving. Don't overdo it on the marketing. And don't skimp on the details. Both of these can lead to prospects who schedule and confirm, but then balk at stepping foot into the property.

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