Embed Multiple Schedule-a-Showing Pop-Overs on the Same Web Page

Please note: This is an advanced implementation of the Schedule-a-Showing Pop-Over feature, and it requires a web developer comfortable with HTML. To see a functioning example, just browse to the ShowMojo Sales Page and click on any demo link.

Add the Popup.js Script to Your Site

This implementation of schedule-a-showing pop-overs includes both a reference to an external JS file and a basic in-line script.

At the very beginning of the code, add this reference:

<script src="https://showmojo.com/popup.js"></script>

To choose the listing to be used in this pop-over, simply take any existing ShowMojo listing URL and insert "/ep" after the ".com"

So, https://showmojo.com/l/883200e0c5 becomes https://showmojo.com/ep/l/883200e0c5.

And here is the link code, using this example: 

<a href="https://showmojo.com/ep/l/883200e0c5" id="sm_schedule_link1">Schedule a showing</a>

For each additional link, you will need to update the ID to something unique.

A second and third link would look like this:

<a href="https://showmojo.com/ep/l/de1a1f30a3" id="sm_schedule_link2">Schedule a showing</a>
<a href="https://showmojo.com/ep/l/b760f3208a" id="sm_schedule_link3">Schedule a showing</a>

Once you have created your links, each with a unique ID, this ID will need to be added to a custom script code on the page.

Here's the code to work from:


You will need one line of the following code per unique link ID:


For each row, you will replace "LINK-ID" with a correct, unique ID corresponding to one of your created links.

Using the example links created above, the following code would be needed to make the three links into pop-overs:


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