Require Prospects to Complete a Rental Application Before Scheduling a Showing

If you are using ShowMojo's Rental Applications Feature then this is a push-of-a-button option. If you are using a rental application outside ShowMojo (and you want to keep doing that) then skip to the second section.

 ShowMojo Rental Applications

Once you are using ShowMojo's rental application, you can easily require an application before a showing. A

When only the rental application is in use, this feature is completely free. Additionally, you can also Collect Application Fees and Screen Applicants. Those features are also free to you, but ShowMojo will collect fees from the prospect. 

Third Party Rental Applications

If you want prospects to complete a rental application prior to scheduling a showing, you can do so by creating a pre-screening question on the Showing Qualification Settings page.  

  1. Select the Ask Custom Dropdown button.
  2. Make the new question required.
  3. For the question, you will want to state that you require an application prior to scheduling a showing and have them click on the Apply Now button at the top right of the scheduling page. You can then ask if they have completed the application. Your question could read something similar to "We require an application prior to scheduling. Please click on the Apply Now button at top right of the schedule-a-showing page. Have you completed your application already?"
  4. For the dropdown option use restrict scheduling with the answers of “Yes; No#”.

Every prospect will be required to answer this question and they will not be able to schedule if they answer No.

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