Reasons for Declined Showings

ShowMojo declines showings when a prospect fails to meet the requirements of one or more Screening Question Restrictors

You may find instances of declined showings when you Review History on a Lead or Showing.

In most cases, this is the result of a lead captured through ShowMojo PHONE or an Email-Based Auto-Reply and ShowMojo is merely attempting to track activity on the lead. A "declined" event in the history of the lead means the lead was unable to schedule a showing because of an answer that was disallowed by one of the restrictors.

You may also be emailed about a declined showing.

If you are using Pre-Screening Questionnaires or Live Answer (24/7 On Demand), then this was a showing scheduled via someone in your office or by a Live Answer agent without all screening questions answered (note: this is normal). When the prospect completed the screening questions, the prospect provided an answer that conflicted with a screening question restrictor and the showing was canceled. Rest assured, the prospect was notified.

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