Set a Custom Showtime or Record a Previous Showing or Walk-in Showing

ShowMojo is built to offer prospective renters, you, and your leasing staff actual showtimes that ShowMojo knows fit within the showing schedule. But ShowMojo also comes with a very easy way to:

  • Create or reschedule a showing for any required custom showtime.
  • Capture showings that occurred in the past but have not been scheduled in ShowMojo.
  • Capture a walk-in showing. (For example, in an apartment community that has a dedicated leasing office.)

Set a Custom Showtime

The steps to complete this activity are quite simple. While entering a new showing or editing an existing showing:

  1. For Multi-User accounts only: check the team member dropdown and be sure to have a team member -- and not Show all (and auto-assign) -- selected.
  2. Click on Custom Showtime. (Note: there is one case where this option is not available, and that is when a listing is enabled for both in-person showings and lockbox self-showings.)
  3. Enter the custom showtime. For upcoming showtimes, you might choose to adjust the default duration of the showing. Please note that time entries must be in the following format to be recognized: HH:MM AM/PM.
  4. If you mean to enter a showtime in the past, there is a checkbox to mark and confirm your intent.
  5. Click the red button to schedule or update the showing.

Note: Custom showtimes are notated with a blue asterisk icon on the Dashboard

ShowMojo Picks Up Right Where It Should

When a custom showtime is entered, ShowMojo is built to not skip a beat.

If the showtime is in the future, ShowMojo will complete all Document Verification, Screening Question Followup (when enabled) and Automated Confirmation activities as they are configured on the account. Based on whether it fits with existing calendar availability and settings, custom showtimes will influence group showings, Showing Clusters,  Autonomous Scheduling,  Piggybacking, Stacking and most any other calendar behavior same as a normally scheduled showing. 

If a showtime is in the past, and the time has been entered before all follow up text or email messaging is configured to send, then ShowMojo will send this messaging. Additionally, these prospects will be included in all Dynamic Prospect Nurturing activities.

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