Assign a Listing to a Showing Agent (or Team Member)

On Multi-User accounts, listings can be assigned to any number of team members. Assigning a listing to a team member is a very simple process: just add the listing to one or more of the team member's calendars. 

This can be done for the Calendar page. Simply:

  1. Select a calendar belonging to the showing agent from he dropdown at the top of the page.
  2. For Regional Calendars, edit the Details section and add the listing or listings.
  3. For Standard Calendars, edit the Availability section and add the listing or listings to one or more existing or new showing windows.

For regional calendars, listings can also be assigned to a regional calendar form the Listings page, in the Listing Options section.

NOTE: Depending on the specific account settings, showing agents might not have access to the above options. A full explanation of these account settings can be found at this article: Manage the Access that Showing Agents Have to Listings.

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